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Your business is unique, make sure your email address is too and personalise your email addresses with your own domain name. For example, using your domain name –


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Simple and reliable email hosting service that allows you to communicate with your customers with your own branded email address. It’s just that easy to create and manage email accounts, and use it with different mail clients that you are familiar with.

Email Hosting includes...

Anti-Threat (Malware & Virus)

Our anti threat management system protects your business against phishing emails, and emails with common viruses, trojans or malware.

24/7 SuperSupport

You can reach to our support team when you have issues regarding to our service.

Email Data Security Compliance

Our strict security policies ensure your critical information is safe and secure. You are able to encrypt your email connections for maximum email security.

Protocols to Access your Emails

Our email hosting plans support POP3, IMAP, SMTP, and web access, so you can use a browser or software to manage your email.

Email Features

Increase business productivity

Save time by not having to deal with spam emails anymore, giving your business greater productivity gains. Focus on important matters while spamGuards protects your email boxes.

Save resources, save time

Reduce the load and bandwidth of your IT infrastructure with our fully-managed dedicated email hosting services that comes with 24/7 monitoring and updates.

email reliability

Our email hosting service is hosted on multiple arrays of fail-safe clustered servers that provide backup and performance, ensuring fast and reliable email service.

Email data security

Our strict security policies ensure your critical information is safe and secure. We even give you the ability to encrypt your email connections for the maximum email security.

FreQuent ASKED Question

An email hosting service is an Internet web hosting service that operates email servers, catered to businesses that rely on emails as their main forms of communication. offers premium email hosting plans that allow you to have your own personalized email from your own domain name.

Your Email account is accessible via:

  • Webmail (
  • IMAP
  • POP3
  • POP3(SSL)

To aid you in choosing a suitable email hosting plan, please refer to the following questions.

  • How many email inboxes/addresses do you need?
  • Do you require any web hosting services?

From there, our professional sales team can recommend a scalable email or web hosting plan that caters to your needs. provides free email migration service from other web hosts. Upon assessment of your previous hosting account, we will be able to bring over your first 5 email accounts over for free. Additional email accounts are subjected to a 100,000KIP admin fee per account.

Otherwise, you can handle the migration to Hosting4Lao’s hosting account. If you require our assistance with the migration, we will require the list of email addresses and password from your previous hosting provider.

To uphold the reputation of the shared IP address for mail hosting clients , we set an email sending limit on a per hour basis.

There is a limit of 10 MB for outgoing emails, including email attachments. If you are sending an attachment that is more than 30 MB, we would recommend that you use FTP or third party cloud storage software such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox. email accounts are accessible via email clients, tablets, mobile devices and other email applications.

It can be setup in POP3 or IMAP either SSL or Non-SSL.

  • IMAP email access coordinates between the server and user’s mail application. Messages that have been read/deleted/replied to will show up as such, both on the server and in the mail application.
  • POP3 does not coordinate with the server. Messages marked as read/deleted/replied to in the mail application will not show up as such on the server. This means that future mail downloads with POP3 will show all messages as unread.
  • Outlook 2010
  • Outlook 2013
  • Outlook 2011
  • Outlook 2016
  • iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad)
  • Mail
  • Android
  • Thunderbird

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